I've spent 10 years photographing everything from destination weddings in the Caribbean to movie posters and even best-selling authors which include the founder of the Ritz Carlton and leadership giants like John Maxwell. While flying around the country and photographing important people is fulfilling work, the most important assignment I could ever dream of was sitting across from me at the breakfast table every morning.

I’ve always had an instinct about the value of documenting my family, but it wasn’t until I became a husband and father that the true meaning really took hold in my heart. I’ve learned just how fleeting these moments are and this has totally reshaped the way I think and relate to photography. To me, this work is about more than hearts on Instagram. It’s about love, legacy and honoring the ones you love most.

Moments That Matter

Sometimes the most meaningful photos aren’t all that impressive. Sometimes the most impressive photos aren’t all that meaningful.

Legacy vs Algorithm

I love seeing my social feeds sprinkled with images I've made with my friends. However, my commitment to you and this work is to preserve family legacy above all else. The algorithm can go suck it.

Real Love

It's easy to build an entire portfolio from a few styled shoots. However, this body of work has been a decade in the making. It's a collaboration of real couples, and real families that happen to be madly in love. It may not always look picture perfect, but it's perfect in it's own way.


Do you shoot destination weddings?


Photography has taken me to Mexico, Puerto Rico, New York, New Orleans, Texas, Toronto, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Omaha, all over California.

Will there be a second shooter?

I usually work alone. However, I've made some great friends in the industry that compliment my style and would love to introduce them to you if we need a second shooter

Can I extend the session on the day of?

For an additional fee.

What kind of gear do you use?

Cameras are just tools. Fuji mirrorless is my camera and lens of choice.

*I've been known to pull out some interesting tools from my vintage film camera collection.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Of course you don't. But you can.

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